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About Meghan 

Hi, I’m Meghan.

I’m a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) who helps clients with stress relief, pain management and improved sports performance. I am trained to do Swedish, deep tissue and pregnancy massage among others – and have helped a wide range of clients from 18 months to 96 years-old.

I believe that we need to feel good in order to do good. How can you possibly be the best parent, manager or friend when you are feeling tension and pain in your body?

I come to massage from a place of compassion and understanding. I’ll listen to what you need – whether that’s more pressure (I’m very strong, I assure you!), complete silence, a targeted massage that releases specific “knots” or a total body massage that leaves your body feeling more relaxed overall. What sets me apart is that I’m able to zero in on where pain, tension and stress is being held. The best massage is the one that gives you what you need to feel your best!

And, as a parent myself, I understand there may be times when you really need a massage, but don’t have child care. Please know that your child is always welcome to come along with you.

I look forward to treating you!

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